Medicine / South Africa

Student: “Help! I’m not coping!” Lecturer: “Good!!!”

Snapshots from Day 1 of Microbiology:

We have a BLOCK BOOK! As opposed to the teensy weensy block book we had previously!

There is one little typo in said BLOCK BOOK, though…

Coping is strictly forbidden, then?

It’s okay though, because we only need to get 60% to promote the block. Our lecturer comfortably assured us that seeing as we’re only second year right now, we’re allowed to kill four out of ten!

This doesn’t mean that it’s all right to leave in the middle of class, though! Class time is for concentrating! Our lecturer did however express his concern over the seeming problem that these class leavers must have with bladder control… He suggested implementing a pregnancy test to remedy the problem! :-0

Speaking of which… Some of our lecturers are less bright than others! Lecturer: ‘Listeria monocytogenes can only cause abortion in pregnant women.’ Major breakthrough, huh?

He did not seem to have a problem with eating in class, although we were reminded to wash our hands as infection control is very important! (How do you know when someone is a microbiologist…?)

Finally, our new hoodies arrived just in time for the next cold front! Brrr! Snow in Joburg? How often does that happen???


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