You caught the flu? I think I just caught an attitude!

Part 2 of this block is looking pretty good so far…

You may remember that I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the first part of the block. Immunology is definitely not my passion!

Well, I’m not about to go out on a limb here by saying that Microbiology is my passion – because it isn’t! (You might have noticed earlier this year what my passion is…)

However, I think I will be able to survive Micro. Heck, at this rate I might actually enjoy it!

Do you know what makes the difference?

The lecturers are actually enthusiastic about this block. They make sure that they listen and respond to student feedback. They do the admin. They put in effort to make their lectures interesting.

We’ve had one day of Microbiology and already it’s the polar opposite of part one of this block.

I’m not sure how I should feel about this.

I mean, sure, it’s nice that the microbiology department is enthusiastic and on the ball. I love it that they want to inspire us to enjoy micro!

But, you know, I can’t go through med school allowing the attitude of the lecturers to determine my own attitude…

Hey, what if I (hypothetically) enjoy micro so much that I decide to specialise in it. And then one day I end up working with other microbiologists somewhere who actually are not so enthusiastic about micro. What do I do then?

I want to like the subject for its own sake.

I want to enjoy microbiology because it is enjoyable.

I want to like immunology because it is such an amazing demonstration of God’s perfect plan in creation.

I want to enjoy pathology because it is actually fascinating logical progression. This leads to that which leads to the next thing.

I don’t want to allow an uninspiring lecturer or a badly administrated block to kill my own curiosity and capacity for learning.

Some things are easier said then done…


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