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…a new snazzy name for something I’ve been doing for a long time already!

Do you remember this post from second year? Maybe you might remember this cute picture of a rabid dog?

I’ve discovered that this method of note taking is, apparently, called sketchnoting. And there are a lot of internet resources available on the subject! Go check out Sketchnote Army and the Doodle Revolution. A great article on how to get started can be found here. And in this article a paediatrician tells how he uses sketchnotes to explain to his patients exactly what their clinical problem is. How cool is that?

So as you know, I’ve been taking notes like this on and off since second year, but its only recently that I’ve actually started doing it consistently in every class and most of my studying at home as well. Can I mention how well it is working for me?

Alcohol in neurology

Some days the notes are better than others, depending a lot on the subject matter, and how fast the lecturer speaks, but in general I have noticed that I remember more from class than I used to… I am also much more enthusiastic about going to class than I used to be!

You can see more of my notes here…

Dystonia and abn movementsNeonatal infections


4 thoughts on “Sketchnotes…

  1. Very cool 🙂 I’m impressed you can do that in lecturers. I used to take geography notes like this. But only geography, for some weird reason ;p

  2. These are awesome! I tend to doodle a lot and this looks like a better alternative, as it’s actually functional! The doodles enhance the notes and it looks very impressive. Perhaps I should give this a try because it might make my notes a bit more clear (now they are filled with all kinds of curly bits and things on the sids). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you! Do go ahead and try it! I’ve found that I am so much more positive about going to class when I can draw during the lecture and not feel guilty about it! And I am also much more likely to actually look at the notes later again, instead of simply filing them and forgetting about them!

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