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It’s Nanowrimo time again!

Nanowrimo 2013 will begin in about 5 and a half days. Only 5 and a half days.

You may remember me mentioning Nano previously. It’s been a while since I last blogged about it, but I have participated (and won) every year since 2010. And I’m aiming for 2013 to be my fourth consecutive win. (“Winning” of course meaning writing 50 000 words during November.)

This year, however, I’ve fallen down a while new rabbit hole. The Overachievers Forum.  Basically, the idea is to go beyond the required 50k words. Overachiever goals range from 55k to a million words in the month. (Yes, you did in fact read that correctly. A MILLION! Some people are amazing and have wrists of steel.)

Anyway, moving on. I have challenged myself to write 100k during Nano this year.


Last year, I wrote an exam right at the end of November. Which meant that I neglected my novel while I was studying for the exam, and then had to catch up 20k words on the last day of the month.

So I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. And eventually I hit my 50 000 words with time to spare. Wow, it was such a rush! Best feeling ever!

Of course, I couldn’t let it rest there. And so Renate fell down the rabbit hole, hit her head and decided that writing 100 000 words in a month sounded like a sensible thing to do.

And she lived happily ever after.

The End.


3 thoughts on “It’s Nanowrimo time again!

  1. Gosh. I participated last year and hardly wrote a word (was doing an elective in Paeds at the time). I’m in again this year, but… just not in the mood to write. And I haven’t done much (read: any) preparation. So I’ll do some scrawling, I guess.

  2. Wow, when I saw you had commented on my humble little blog I had a fangirl moment! *pauses to recover*

    Good luck for nano, and I hope you enjoy your holiday. After spending holidays catching up from SAS, I’m sure you need the holiday now! 🙂

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