Medicine / My walk with God

Scrambled thoughts

It’s been a pretty long week. Also pretty frustrating.

I’m tempted not to post this at all, but what is the point of posting only when life is rosy? Because life isn’t always rosy.

Not that my week has been at all bad! Nope, it’s all to do with my attitude. I hear group project and my brain switches into negative overdrive.

Anyhow, going to church usually makes it all better.

Like tonight.

The pastor mentioned always having a reason ready to explain the hope that we have in us. (1 Peter 3:15) I was immediately reminded of CMF. (More about how I got involved there another time.) Each time, after a CMF meeting or camp, I would be asked by friends and acquaintances how it was. So, I would rattle off some inadequate answer just because I had to answer something. Imagine how much better it would have been if I had been ready to give an answer, if I had prepared beforehand so that I could give the best possible answer that would witness to my friends in the best possible way!

Instead, I wasted my opportunities.

I was also super convicted of how I’ve gotten complacent with sin.

On a lighter note, when I wanted to write ‘patient’ (as in the word coming from ‘patience’) in my sermon notes book, it just didn’t look right! After all, how can it be spelt the same as ‘patient’ (like the person that visits the doctor!)


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